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Commits on May 15, 2012
  1. @mattpardee
  2. @mattpardee

    Check if tabConsole exists

    mattpardee authored
  3. @mattpardee

    Check if tabConsole exists

    mattpardee authored
  4. @zefhemel

    Merge pull request #1524 from ajaxorg/fix/complete-in-middle

    zefhemel authored
    Fix inserting key in middle of variable has weird interaction
  5. @zefhemel

    Merge pull request #1530 from ajaxorg/fix/continous-completion-trigger

    zefhemel authored
    Fix/continous completion trigger
  6. @zefhemel

    Merge pull request #1533 from ajaxorg/update-treehugger

    zefhemel authored
    update treehugger
  7. @zefhemel

    Merge pull request #1534 from ajaxorg/deploys_broken

    zefhemel authored
    Do null checking in console (3rd time I commit this I believe, stop removing it)
  8. @janjongboom
  9. @lennartcl

    update treehugger

    lennartcl authored
  10. @lennartcl
  11. @lennartcl


    lennartcl authored
  12. @lennartcl
  13. @mattpardee

    Merge pull request #1515 from ajaxorg/ui/test_panel

    mattpardee authored
    Make test panel settings save
Commits on May 14, 2012
  1. @javruben

    Merge pull request #1519 from ajaxorg/revisions_optimization

    javruben authored
    Optimizations on auto-save setting checking in Revisions as suggested by...
  2. @mattpardee

    Merge pull request #1526 from ajaxorg/ui/optimize

    mattpardee authored
    * Now settings doesn't slow everything down anymore.
  3. @javruben
  4. @javruben

    Merge pull request #1518 from ajaxorg/improvement/revealfilescroll

    javruben authored
    Scroll to file in tree when revealing
  5. @mattpardee

    Added control

    mattpardee authored
  6. @lennartcl
  7. @sergi

    Extra-check for revisions for when switching to a new revision, where…

    sergi authored
    … there is no revision model.
  8. @sergi

    Optimizations on auto-save setting checking in Revisions as suggested…

    sergi authored
    … by @javruben
    - Instead of checking the settings model every time, now there is a variable `this.isAutoSaveEnabled` permanently set that gets set upon `settings.load` event
    - `this.isAutoSaveEnabled` changes in case the settings changes, through `` event
  9. @sergi

    Merge pull request #1517 from ajaxorg/ui/revisions_interaction

    sergi authored
    Ui/revisions interaction
  10. @mattpardee
  11. @javruben

    Merge pull request #1516 from ajaxorg/improvement/inspectoroutput

    javruben authored
    Moved the inspector output to its own pane
  12. @javruben
  13. @zefhemel

    Merge pull request #1514 from ajaxorg/improvement/clearonrun

    zefhemel authored
    Implemented option to clear output on run
  14. @mattpardee
  15. @javruben
  16. @gjtorikian

    Make settings save

    gjtorikian authored
  17. @javruben
  18. @mattpardee

    Check for txtOutput

    mattpardee authored
  19. @mattpardee

    New settings technique

    mattpardee authored
  20. @mattpardee

    Removed _self

    mattpardee authored
  21. @mattpardee
  22. @mattpardee

    Merge pull request #1513 from ajaxorg/bugfix/viewmenu2

    mattpardee authored
    * fixes view menu giving an error when no file is shown
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