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Commits on May 15, 2012
  1. Remove unneeded variable

    Garen Torikian committed
  2. Add cancel ability (for client only); update search in files for tree…

    Garen Torikian committed
    …; update mode
  3. Add skin file from master

    Garen Torikian committed
  4. Update image

    Garen Torikian committed
  5. Merge master

    Garen Torikian committed
  6. Attempt fix for find swapping

    Garen Torikian committed
Commits on May 14, 2012
  1. @javruben

    Merge pull request #1519 from ajaxorg/revisions_optimization

    javruben committed
    Optimizations on auto-save setting checking in Revisions as suggested by...
  2. @mattpardee

    Merge pull request #1526 from ajaxorg/ui/optimize

    mattpardee committed
    * Now settings doesn't slow everything down anymore.
  3. @javruben
  4. @javruben

    Merge pull request #1518 from ajaxorg/improvement/revealfilescroll

    javruben committed
    Scroll to file in tree when revealing
  5. @mattpardee

    Added control

    mattpardee committed
  6. @sergi

    Extra-check for revisions for when switching to a new revision, where…

    sergi committed
    … there is no revision model.
  7. @sergi

    Optimizations on auto-save setting checking in Revisions as suggested…

    sergi committed
    … by @javruben
    - Instead of checking the settings model every time, now there is a variable `this.isAutoSaveEnabled` permanently set that gets set upon `settings.load` event
    - `this.isAutoSaveEnabled` changes in case the settings changes, through `` event
  8. @sergi

    Merge pull request #1517 from ajaxorg/ui/revisions_interaction

    sergi committed
    Ui/revisions interaction
  9. @mattpardee
  10. @javruben

    Merge pull request #1516 from ajaxorg/improvement/inspectoroutput

    javruben committed
    Moved the inspector output to its own pane
  11. @javruben
  12. @zefhemel

    Merge pull request #1514 from ajaxorg/improvement/clearonrun

    zefhemel committed
    Implemented option to clear output on run
  13. @mattpardee
  14. @javruben
  15. @javruben
  16. @mattpardee

    Check for txtOutput

    mattpardee committed
  17. @mattpardee

    New settings technique

    mattpardee committed
  18. @mattpardee

    Removed _self

    mattpardee committed
  19. @mattpardee
  20. @mattpardee

    Merge pull request #1513 from ajaxorg/bugfix/viewmenu2

    mattpardee committed
    * fixes view menu giving an error when no file is shown
  21. @javruben
  22. @gjtorikian

    Merge pull request #1511 from ajaxorg/issues/1056

    gjtorikian committed
    * Enabling to always be able to add a run config
  23. @javruben
  24. @gjtorikian

    Merge pull request #1510 from ajaxorg/issues/1147

    gjtorikian committed
    * Fixed ace not showing up in debug panel
  25. @javruben
  26. @gjtorikian

    Merge pull request #1509 from ajaxorg/issues/1148

    gjtorikian committed
    * Fix dragging of dock panels
  27. @javruben

    * Fix dragging of dock panels

    javruben committed
    * Fix problem with bg of tabs getting out of tab area
  28. @javruben

    Revert "Socket requires all errors to be thrown at it to be a string.…

    javruben committed
    … Therefore we'll need to serialize it"
    This reverts commit 836fe31.
  29. @gjtorikian

    Merge pull request #1507 from ajaxorg/bugfix/1179

    gjtorikian committed
    * Gotofile is now over console
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