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Commits on May 4, 2012
  1. @janjongboom
  2. @janjongboom

    Add some extra logging

    janjongboom authored
  3. @fjakobs

    cleanup dependencies for FTP

    fjakobs authored
  4. @fjakobs

    use soft dependencies

    fjakobs authored
  5. @zefhemel

    Updated ACE ref

    zefhemel authored
  6. @cadorn

    debug mode

    cadorn authored
Commits on May 3, 2012
  1. @javruben

    Merge pull request #1411 from ajaxorg/package_changes

    javruben authored
    Update APF and Packager for Node v6
  2. @gjtorikian

    Update postinstall script

    gjtorikian authored
  3. @gjtorikian

    Update package.json

    gjtorikian authored
  4. @gjtorikian
  5. @gjtorikian
  6. @cadorn
  7. @cadorn

    local config

    cadorn authored
  8. @gjtorikian

    Delete apf_debug

    gjtorikian authored
  9. @janjongboom

    Merge pull request #1408 from gero3/patch-1

    janjongboom authored
    Update mimimum nodejs version
  10. @gjtorikian

    Merge master, rebuild apf

    gjtorikian authored
  11. @gjtorikian
  12. Update mimimum nodejs version

    mappings can't else can't be installed
  13. @gjtorikian


    gjtorikian authored
  14. @zefhemel

    Merge pull request #1402 from ajaxorg/rev-resiz

    zefhemel authored
    Revisions: Only revisions should know about revisions.
  15. @sergi

    Merge branch 'master' into rev-resiz

    sergi authored
  16. @sergi
  17. @zefhemel

    Merge pull request #1406 from ajaxorg/ui/refactor

    zefhemel authored
  18. @sergi

    Merge pull request #1405 from ajaxorg/fix/language-enable-disable

    sergi authored
    Fixed enable() and disable() of language.js plugin to actually do useful
  19. @javruben

    reverted reversion

    javruben authored
  20. @zefhemel
  21. @javruben
  22. @javruben
  23. @javruben
  24. @sergi @javruben
  25. @sergi @javruben
  26. @janjongboom @javruben

    Fix liveinspect

    janjongboom authored javruben committed
  27. @javruben

    merged with master

    javruben authored
  28. @javruben
  29. @javruben

    * Added file list

    javruben authored
    * Manually updated apf_release (can't package yet)
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