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RISC OS Build server examples

(incorporates JFPatch as a service examples)


This repository contains some examples of how the RISC OS build service works, and an example command line tool to use it. The RISC OS Build Service, at (and, provides a JSON API and a WebSockets API to perform builds.


The API documentation can be found at

The JFPatch file format documentation cen be found at

JFPatch example code (jfpatch-files)

Within this repository there are some example JFPatch files which give examples of how the format works in the form of commands and tools that I wrote some 20 years ago or so. The file type number for JFPatch files is &13C, so all files will have this trailing suffix.

  • hello-world,13c - A simple 'hello world' utility.
  • base64,13c - A simple example module that decodes a Base64 encoded block.
  • batnball,13c - A sub-256 byte utility to bounce a ball and hit it with a bat.
  • ddeutils,13c - My implementation of DDEUtils, which I wrote because otherwise you couldn't use throwback or prefixing without buying the Desktop Development Environment.
  • djf,13c - A tool for playing David's Jingle Format tunes (which apparently only exists on google in reference to software that I wrote).
  • extedit,13c - A command line tool that can launch an External Editor on a file from within a Taskwindow.
  • extedit-for-c,13c - An AOF linkable version of the tool (which was used in GMail).
  • nocoverib,13c - A tool to ensure that windows never cover the iconbar, completing what looks like a feature of the Wimp that never quite worked as I expected.
  • taskkiller,13c - A tool to allow killing of tasks that wouldn't exit. It worked ok on RISC OS 3.1, thought I have no idea if it worked on later machines. Ugly uses of mode selection means that it's not going to work on a 32bit system. Plus it probably does some ugly stuff as well.
  • tonedial,13c - Give it a phone number and it'll play the tones necessary to call it.
  • serialtcp,13c - Claims to be a way to replace the serial operations with a TCP connection. I have a recollection of playing something like Chocks Away with it, but honestly that could be my memory playing tricks on me. There's a very real possibility that I wrote it and never got it to work reliably.
  • - A zip of the 'patching' directory which demonstrates patching a binary.

Miscellaneous example code (misc-examples)

There are some random examples included here which show the system might be used in other ways.

  • basic-help-commands,fd1 - a BASIC program which lists the commands available to the service.


JSON client example

The JSON service can be triggered by a simple request submitted to the server with the curl tool (or any other tool - this example just shows that it's possible with the curl tool). It is necessary to remove the , suffix from the filename when invoking from curl because parameters are separated by them.

Example usage:

curl -i -F 'source=@djf-source'

Example output:

HTTP/1.1 100 Continue

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json
Transfer-Encoding: chunked
Connection: keep-alive
Server: Werkzeug/1.0.0 Python/2.7.17
Date: Sun, 29 Mar 2020 23:08:16 GMT
X-Cache: Miss from cloudfront
Via: 1.1 (CloudFront)
X-Amz-Cf-Pop: LHR62-C3
X-Amz-Cf-Id: uXBMcPw9hkYlVFSBSKucwBLHQ3ms8_owGMFSbmC_nekXDFapbJvrLw==

  "filetype": 4092,
  "messages": [
    "Build tool selected: JFPatch",
    "Return code: 0"
  "output": [
    "JFPatch ARM assembler v2.56\u00df (02 Mar 2020) [Justin Fletcher]\r\n",
  "rc": 0,
  "throwback": []

WebSockets client example

The WebSockets interface can be accessed with the Python WebSocket-client library. This can be installed in your Python environment with the supplied requirements.txt.

Example usage:

python --source ../jfpatch-files/djf,13c

Example output:

welcome: u'Linking over Internet with RISCOS Pyromaniac Agent version 1.04'
response: u'Source loaded'
response: u'Started build'
message: u'Build tool selected: JFPatch'
output: u'JFPatch ARM assembler v2.56\xdf (02 Mar 2020) [Justin Fletcher]\r\n'
output: u'Pre-processing...\r\n'
output: u'Assembling...\r\n'
clipboard: {u'filetype': 4092, u'data': u'P0At6QFQoOHAAQTvAgug48UBBO8AANXlIABQ47pQj7IAgKDjASDV5CAAUuMgAAC6g0CP4lswj+IBEPTlAAAx4wIAMRH7//8aA0BE4AQxhOADMaDhAzKD4AQwg+ABQNXkIABU4xIAALowQFTi7P//ShdAhAIRAFTjB0BEogRxhOCEQKDhAUBE4gAQoONfADLjBQAAChwgn+UEOIPgCACg4cEBBO8AADDj+///ugeAiODb///qP4C96AEA8f9henN4Y2Z2Z2Juam1rLGwucTJ3M2VyNXQ2eTd1aTlvMHAALjN3NmUydzIuMjI2LDZxNncycTIsMi4zLDJtNAB1'}
rc: 0
message: u'Return code: 0'
complete: True

The tool writes the built binary to the current directory as built,xxx unless the --output-base option is supplied (which builds the prefix before the ,xxx which is always appended).


A more advanced WebSockets build client is available in the robuild-client repository.


Examples for JFPatch as a service