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# This is a java stye properties file for the jmeter-ec2 shell script
# It is treated like a normal shell script and must have executable permissions
# See README.txt for more details about each property
# Suggested AMIs
# OS Type AMI id User Available sizes
# SUSE Linux 64bit ami-a5e7dad1 root t1.micro, m1.large
# SUSE Linux 32bit ami-cde7dab9 root t1.micro, m1.small, c1.medium
# IMPORTANT - t1.micro is not recommend for anything beyond developement, it works from a shared resource pool that can fluctuate, skewing test results.
LOCAL_HOME="/home/ubuntu" # The root for this script - all files should be put here as per the README
REMOTE_HOME="/tmp" # This can be left as /tmp - it is a temporary working location
AMI_ID="ami-a5e7dad1" # A suitable AMI - 2 suggested AMIs are listed above. (Tested OK with SUSE Linux 32 & 64 bit.). Dont forget to find the right ID for your region.
INSTANCE_TYPE="t1.micro" # Should match the AMI - I do not recommend usng micros for live tests but it's useful for dev work
INSTANCE_SECURITYGROUP="jmeter" # The name of *your* security group in *your* Amazon account - clearly this needs to give your local machine ssh access
AMAZON_KEYPAIR_NAME="olloyd-eu" # The name of the Amazon Keypair that you want to use. This kea/usery should exist in IAM.
PEM_FILE="olloyd-eu.pem" # The full name of the pem file you downloaded from your Amazon account. Usualy .pem from AWS but you could generate your own and name it what you want.
PEM_PATH="/Users/oliver/.ec2" # The path to your pem file
REGION="eu-west-1" # Specify the region you will be working in. Required so that we can find the right ami in the right availability zone.
INSTANCE_AVAILABILITYZONE="eu-west-1b" # Should match the AMI and be available in the region above.
USER="root" # Should match the AMI
RUNNINGTOTAL_INTERVAL="3" # How often the script prints running totals to the screen (n * summariser.interval seconds)
ELASTIC_IPS="" # A list of static IPs that can be assigned to each ec2 host. Ignored if not set.
JMETER_VERSION="apache-jmeter-2.6" # The version of JMeter to be used. Must be the full name used in the dir structure. Does not work for versions prior to 2.5.1.
JAVA_VERSION_32='jre-6u32-linux-i586.bin' # Specify the JAVA binary you will be using in the case of 32Bit.
JAVA_VERSION_64='jre-6u32-linux-x64.bin' # Specify the JAVA binary you will be using in the case of 64Bit.
# If this is set then the script will ignore INSTANCE_COUNT passed in at the command line and read in this list of hostnames to run the test over
# instead. If it is not set then n number of hosts will be requested from Amazon.
# Must be a comma-separated list, like this:
# or:
# or:
# REMOTE_HOSTS="blahblah.corp.synergy:2020,"
# etc.
# If specified, then the script will import the results to the mysql database given here