Ruby script to process a directory of media files with a series of presets as options
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handbrake-converter v0.1


Ruby script to process a directory of media files with a series of presets as options


- Ruby v1.8.6+
- Rubygems v1.X+
	- gems: configatron & choice
- HandBrake/HandBrakeCLI v0.9.3+

*Usage: handbrake-converter.rb [-sudctrv]

Specific options:
    -s, --source=SOURCE              The full source directory to fetch the video files from
    -u, --use_dvd=USE_DVD            Use a DVD as the source as opposed to a directory
    -d, --destination=DESTINATION    The full destination directory to store the converted video files to
    -c, --conversion=CONVERSION      The conversion preset to use, see config/config.yml for options
    -t, --type=TYPE                  The originating filetype to get from the source directory (ie - wmv, mov, avi)
    -r, --remove=REMOVE              Set to true if you would like to remove the source file after conversion

Common options: 
        --help                       Show this message
    -v, --version                    Show version


- animation: 

HandBrake's settings for cartoons, anime, and CGI.

- appletv: 

HandBrake's settings for the AppleTV.
Provides a good balance between quality
and file size, and optimizes

- bedlam: 

HandBrake's settings maxed out for
slowest encoding and highest quality.
Use at your own risk. So slow it's not
just's a trip to the looney

- broke: 

HandBrake's preset for people without a
lot of money to waste on hard drives.
Tries to maximize quality for burning to
CDs, so you can party like it's 1999.

- deux_six: 

HandBrake's preset for true high profile
x264 quality. A good balance of quality
and speed, based on community standards
found in the wild. This preset will give
you a much better sense of x264's
capabilities than vanilla main profile.

- iphone: 

HandBrake's settings for the iPhone.

- ps3: 

HandBrake's settings for the Sony
PlayStation 3.

- psp: 

HandBrake's settings for the Sony
PlayStation Portable.

- quicktime: 

HandBrake's high quality settings for
use with QuickTime. It can be slow, so
use it when the Normal preset doesn't
look good enough.

- tv: 

HandBrake's settings for video from