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A package for fetching and parsing NOAA data with Go (golang).

Climate Data Online

cdo handles Climate Data Online (CDO) data from the National Center for Environmental Information. Use this interface to get historical weather data (not predictions). Note that this interface requires you to get a free Web Service Token from NOAA. As of this writing, each token is limited to five requests per second, and 1000 requests per day.

The CDO tests (cdo_test.go) expect your token to be in the NOAA_TOKEN environment variable.

More info at

National Digital Forecast Database

ndfd handles National Digital Forecast Database (NDFD) data from the National Weather Service (NWS) in Digital Weather Markup Language (DWML) format. Use this interface to get weather prediction data. This API does not require a NOAA token.

More info at


To install it, run:

go get

Canoncial usage can be seen in the cdo and ndfd tests.