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Acid Jobs Bot

This is a twitter bot that tweets job offers periodically and is deployed now in heroku.


Create an app in Twitter

Go to and create your app.

Be sure to generate your OAUTH token and respective secret.

Create auth.yml file to your config/ folder

Add the following to the auth.yml file

 consumer_key:       "YOUR_CONSUMER_KEY"
 consumer_secret:    "YOUR_CONSUMER_SECRET"
 oauth_token:        "YOUR_OAUTH_TOKEN"
 oauth_token_secret: "YOUR_OAUTH_TOKEN_SECRET"

(Optional) Deploy to Heroku and set ENV config variables to production

  > heroku config:add ENV=production RAILS_ENV=production RACK_ENV=production

Migrate your database

 > rake db:migrate

Add some offers with irb or heroku console =)

Start playing and posting job offers on Twitter!


  • Config testing
  • Functional testing
  • Better documentation


Ignacio Mella & Gert Findel