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Hash Algorithm Collision Fix using an Apache Module
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Hash Algorithm Collision Fix using an Apache Module

This Apache module can be used as a workaround for DOS attacks which take advantage of the predictability of string hashing used in several web server technologies. The vulnerability is tracked at

The details of this DOS threat are explained in at the 28th Chaos Communication Congress by Alexander Klink and Julian Walde.


This module can be used to protect Java and PHP5 sites that are reversed proxied using Apache httpd.


The common way to install this module is:

make install

If the APache eXtention tool (apxs) is not on your path or you want to specify which apxs to use, append the --with-apxs configure option. For example:

./configure --with-apxs=/usr/local/apache2/bin/apxs
make install

This will result in a DSO installation of the module in the Apache modules directory and the activation of the module in the httpd.conf file by adding a line similar to:

LoadModule hacf_module        modules/

The unit tests are run using the standard Automake idiom:

make check


If you already use an Apache reverse proxy, just add the correct HacfLanguage directive to the relevant section of your httpd.conf. The configuration for a Java site with URL would be:

<Location /app>
  HacfLanguage Java

For a PHP5 site, use PHP as the value of the HacfLanguage setting

The request filtering can be tuned using the parameters:

  • HacfMaxCollisions, maximum number of allowed collisions before a request is dropped (default 3)
  • HacfMaxParameters, maximum number of allowed parameters before a request is dropped (default 256)

The default settings for these parameters can seem aggressive but the should be fine for most applications.


The current features are very limited to the environment this module originally was written for, but the following TODOs should be ready before version 1.0.0

  • smart multipart post filtering
  • PHP4 support, uses a different Hash Algorithm than PHP5
  • Python support, 32bit only because 64bit doesn't seem practical to exploit
  • Use fast inline hash functions, add performance testing
  • Try for the unit tests
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