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Eurovision Bingo

A generator for Bingo cards for Eurovision lyrics.

Some people say that all Eurovision songs are the same. That's probably not quite true, but there is perhaps a hint of truth in the suggestion that some themes tend to recur from year to year. Hence, I thought, Eurovision Bingo.

The slightly hacky code in this repo will analyse a directory full of lyrics, normally those from the previous year of the competition, and work out the frequency of occurrence of each word. It will then generate Bingo cards, with sets of words of different levels of commonness.

Alternatively, you can use "cards-for-any-year.odt", which consists of popular words from 2013 to 2017 inclusive, with some element of selection for being easy to hear and being poppy/Eurovision-y. It also has a personal scoresheet.

The middle square, sometimes marked FREE in some versions of Bingo, is marked LOVE in Eurovision Bingo - i.e. basically the same thing. :-)

Code Requirements

I have added a pre-generated set of cards to the repo so if you want to play, you can just print those. If you want to generate your own, you will need at least:

Edit the constants at the top of the source to change the year of lyrics used, or the number of cards to generate. If you generate lots, though, you'll get repeated words. You may or may not care about this. Use year 0 tor regenerate the "any year" sheets.

Edit card-template.odt (or card-template-generic.odt for "any year") in LibreOffice, being careful to preserve the special comments, in order to make the cards look smarter than they currently do, or add your own explanatory text at the top.

This software was developed on Linux; I have no idea whether it'll work on any other operating system. I see no reason it shouldn't, although it does use Unix directory separators.

Pull requests are welcome. :-)

Copyright: CC0 for all my contributions. The copyrights in the lyrics, of course, rest with the original authors. (Actually no they don't, given the way the music industry works, but the point is, I don't own them.)

How To Play

  • Generate yourself a set of cards, or print out the ones in the repo.
  • Turn on Eurovision, and turn on English subtitles
  • Tick off words as they are sung; ask your fellow players in case of doubt
  • The word has to be exact - "loving" is not the same as "love"
  • The first person to complete a line of 5 (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) wins!

Prizes are left as an exercise for the reader.

Have fun!

Gerv First Monday After Eurovision, 63 AE (2018 AD)


Generator for Bingo cards for Eurovision lyrics




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