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Source files are in /src and site is built to /_site.

To set up, from the root directory: npm run build To test: npm run start


Javascript is 100% optional. CSS is also optional, but without it everything will be ugly.

Navigation and URL structure match as closely as is reasonable.

"Static page" URLs are "pretty" and end with /.

"Dated content" source files (e.g. posts and notes) are named {iso-date}-{slug}.html. Organization into folders such as years is arbitrary and only for ease management. Their URLs are rendered old-school-blog style as /YYYY/MM/DD/slug.html because many of them are old and cool URLs don't change.

If they do, a 301 redirect is put in place at the old URL.

Quotes are rendered by markdown-it-attribution which renders HTML as <figure> elements, à la ALA.


/weeks contains journal entries that will be included in the weekly archive URLs.

/writing contains posts that include a title and publication date. They are published to dated URLs. Often they are PESOS (manually).

/notes contains short notes that are identified primarily by publication time. They are published to dated URLs. They are generally tweet-length, but there is no formal limits on their content. They are usually posted via Sitewriter. They are POSSE to and Twitter (via an RSS feed).

/media contains attachments to dated content (posts and notes), often uploaded via Sitewriter.

Almost everything else is a page meant to be permanent and fit within some sort of topic hierarchy.

Implementation notes

Inspired by the dynamic data files in /writing and /notes cause a true draft value to exclude pages from collections