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Gradle-Docker-Plugin example

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Example project showing some use cases of the gradle-docker-plugin.

See the build.gradle file in the project root for detailed task configuration. Most configuration parameters are optional.

The root project only contains the most trivial tasks info and version. More advanced use cases can be found in the subprojects:

  • build-with-dockerignore shows how to use the .dockerignore file to exclude the Gradle build directory or other files.
  • build-and-run-locally shows a simple use case with an image being build and run as a container locally.
  • build-push-and-run-remotely shows a more advanced use case including a private registry.
  • push-and-pull-with-auth shows how to use the default ~/.dockercfg for registry authentication.
  • run-exec-and-copy-locally shows how to exec commands in a running container and how to copy files from a container.