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A docker image with php and composer build on Alpine Linux
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Docker Container for PHP and Composer

This is a docker container for PHP 5.6 with composer installed. It can be used with any PHP project using composer. As this image is build on top of the Alpine Linux base image its very small at ~39 MB. You can check the PHP 7 version too.

Pull it from docker registry

To pull the docker image you can do it with:

docker pull geshan/php-composer-alpine


After pulling the image from docker registry, go into any project that has a composer.json. Then run the following commands to run php or composer:

docker run -v $(pwd):/var/www geshan/php-composer-alpine "composer install --prefer-dist"

Lets say if you are have PHPUnit in your composer.json, you can run the following commands to run your tests:

docker run -v $(pwd):/var/www geshan/php-composer-alpine "./vendor/bin/phpunit --version"
docker run -v $(pwd):/var/www geshan/php-composer-alpine "./vendor/bin/phpunit"

As base image

You can use it as a base image like below:

FROM geshan/php-composer-alpine

//my docker image contents
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