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This is a forked repository. Have a look at
bryansum’s urMus wiki
for more information.

Random lists of ToDo and ToOught and ToNot and ToFixes:


- Mixing
- Fan Out/Multi-rate pulls
- Rate conversion

- Multi-node dynamic instancing

Programming support:
- Web Interface Programming
- BUG: Fix image uploading and doc referencing

- More games
- Sequencer

- Rule based learning

  • Flowboxes
    – Mixing (fan in)
    – Flex-Pulls (fan out)
    – Rate converters/rater/rate controls
    – Tickables
    – Timer/Timing support
    BUG G[“FBVis”]:SetPullLink(0,G[“FBMic”],0) crashes
  • Networking
    – Multi-node dynamic instancing
    – Event support
    – Osc Support → See OSCPack
  • Font
    – FreeFont 2 see OpenFrameworks
  • Web Interface programming
  • Bugs
    – Child relayout after SetParent
    – Instancing in UrMus default interface interferes with examples, needs cleaner solution
    – fix that labels do not realign if region is resized.
    – make painting work on plain color textures
    – fix bug clearing textures
    – fix default texture alignment to be natural
    DONE – SetTexture with plain colors now works
    DONE – Chance Clear to use standard colors
    DONE – Add functionality to read texture dimensions
    – Fix OnDoubleTap issue triggering an OnTouchDown without a OnTouchUp
  • Performance improvements
    – Convert all or parts of the audio pipeline to floats from doubles for hardware support
  • Testing
    – Bullet proof pipeline
    – Test and revise STK objects
  • Improving API
    – Shorthands, make unnecessary arguments optional, remove unused ones
  • Research
    – Proper UGen sets, minimal sets etc
    – Vector rendering
  • 2D Graphing
    – Color picking/setting
    – More primitives?
  • Texture
  • give access to width of texture file
  • Support tiling
  • Timer events
  • Non-programming layouts
    – Initial mockup with dropdowns
  • Examples
    – Recursive texture use
    – More visual interactions
    – Networking examples
    – improve urSmudge to allow multiple fingers gracefully
    – PD/ChucK faces
    – Sequencer
  • Text Editing ala Sven
  • iPad
    – iPad-centric faces
  • Widgets
    – Color picker
    – Check dropdown
    – Create a scroll list with icons/previews
    – Keyboard
    – Improve tooltip
    – Wheel menu

Volume bug after startup
Enter constants

Line insert on ipad
- RefreshRowIndices(1) is buggy. it messes up row anchoring after loading.