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This is a static Middleman-based website I’m using as my personal site at An import script pulls data from several social networks and services I use and puts it in the data/ and source/images folders to populate the site. A cron job running on Heroku periodically re-generates the site using Middleman to keep it up to date, and syncs it to an Amazon S3 bucket, where it gets served from Amazon CloudFront for extra speediness.

Useful tasks

  • $ bundle exec rake import: Runs the tasks to import external data and populate the data/ and source/images/ folders with it. It can also import individual sources, such as rake import:twitter. The available sources are twitter, instagram, photoblog, links, github, music, goodreads, untappd.
  • $ bundle exec rake publish: Runs the import tasks, builds the site, and syncs it to S3.

© 2014 Guillermo Esteves. Feel free to take a look and use this for your own projects, but please don’t straight up republish my website verbatim.