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Datasets annotation

  1. Get the code, i.e. master branch from github.
  2. Compile the code, source the workspace, run roscore.
  3. Run node tester_image_extractor. The first argument is the dataset directory. The second argument is the prefix of reference images, i.e. the learnt map. The third argument is the prefix of view images, i.e. maps from autonomous traversals. For example rosrun stroll_bearnav tester_image_extractor /datasets A000 A179
  4. Move the bottom image so that it completely overlaps the map image. Use right and left arrows. You can also change the display style by space. By enter save the images shift and go to the next pair of images. If you are not sure how the view image should be shifted, use backspace to continue to the next pair. 10000 is added to this unsure pair shift. By esc you can anytime end annotation without saving.
  5. After the successful finish the file with suffix _annotation.txt can be found in the same folder as dataset.
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