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IROS 2019 submission 5 supporting materials

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Datasets and code to replicate experiments of Krajnik et al.: Predictive and adaptive maps for long-term visual navigation in changing environments

In this section, we present how to execute scripts to replicate the experiments performed.

  1. Download datasets to some directory.
  2. Get the code, i.e. iros_2019_pred_ada_map branch from github.
  3. Compile the code, source the workspace, run roscore.
  4. Edit the script in the directory /iros_2019_pred_ada_map. If you want to replicate all experiments, make sure that all if statements are true, resp. 1 == 1. These statements switch on or off the individual experiments described in the paper.
  5. Go to the directory /stroll_bearnav.
  6. Execute the script, which is stored in a folder /iros_2019_pred_ada_map. The first argument is the dataset directory. Make sure it is without the last slash. For example ./iros_2019_pred_ada_map/ ~/datasets
  7. Results (also graphs) can be found in the created folder results.

Example of plastic, static and adaptive map performance

Cameleon navigation using the plastic, static and adaptive map

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