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A Gestpay Starter Example in Java
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Java Gestpay Starter Example

In this example you'll see how to call Gestpay APIs to perform a payment.

What we are using

  • Java7+
  • Tomcat, Servlets, JSP
  • Log4j


  • Java Virtual Machine
  • Maven
  • Apache Tomcat

In case the SOAP endpoint has changed, or you get SOAP errors, you must re-generate the java classes for the model. From the project directory launch:

wsimport -keep -s src/main/java/ -p it.gestpay.wscryptdecrypt.model\?wsdl

This will create all model classes needed to talk to Gestpay.

What to do before running

  • configure Gestpay to accept your IP address
  • configure success_url and failure_url: if your server is at, use for both values
  • for local development, you can use http://localhost:8080/<APP_NAME>/ in success url and failure url, assuming that your server answers on port 8080 and the application is deployed in <APP_NAME>.
  • change in com.myshop.constants.Constants the value of SHOP_LOGIN with your shop code.

How to run

  1. launch this command:
mvn clean install
  1. copy the WAR target/gestpay-starter-VERSION.war in tomcat webapps

  2. start tomcat

What you should know about this project

This is an example e-commerce project in Java, made for you by Gestpay. It's purpose is to explain how Gestpay can be integrated inside a Java web application.

Since it's just an example, it will allow you to only pay an item and get the response from Gestpay of successful payment. It has been deliberately realized with the easiest possible technology (Servlets, JSP).

When you start the app, index.jsp is loaded. This page contains three items that you can buy.

After choosing one of these, you are redirected to the servlet EncryptServlet, that will generate a payment request to Gestpay (Note: not the actual payment).

Then the user is redirected to pay.jsp, where he can read the details about his payment. Clicking on PAY will transfer the user to Gestpay, to complete the payment.

Once the payment is completed, Gestpay will contact your server to acknowledge of the payment, to one of the URLs configured before (remember success_url and failure_url?).

The serlvet that will answer at /response is DecryptServlet. it will decode the answer and redirect to the page response.jsp.


This is an official project by Gestpay. For bugs, doubts, support just open an issue.

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