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Gestpay iFrame example in Ruby

This s an example of the Gestpay iFrame solution implemented in Ruby.

This example has been built with:

  • Sinatra, an easy framework to create web applications in ruby.
  • Savon, a Ruby soap client.

This software has been developed with Ruby 2.4, but older versions should work too (as long Sinatra supports them).

What to know about this project

The endpoints of the application are defined in app.js.

In gestpay_ws_crypt_decrypt/ws_crypt_decrypt.rb there is the class that performs SOAP requests to Gestpay.

In the directory views/ there are the pages that will be rendered to html, via erb, a super-easy template engine.

In the directory public/ you'll find images and other assets used to render the website. Have a look to public/js/app.js that contains the code for the iframe functionality.

in constants/constants.rb you can define your own test shop code and the environment (:test or :prod).

How to Install

This software is not a gem but just a standalone example.

To install, clone this repository and launch

$ bundle install

in the Merchant Back-Office, setup these attributes:

How to start

To start the server, simply launch

$ ruby app.rb

Then, navigate to http://localhost:4567 to see some magic.

Start in development mode

first install

$ gem install rerun

Then you'll have a new shell command that will start & stop the ruby app everytime you change a file.

To start this project with rerun, do

$ rerun 'ruby app.rb'

Contributing, Typos, Fixes, just-say-Hi

Bug reports and pull requests are welcome here on GitHub!


The example is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.


A Gestpay iFrame example in Ruby



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