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Web / IT project stack / tool / technique icon / logo collection & markdown / HTML generator :electron:🚀


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Web / IT project programming language / tool / package / library / technology / stack icon / logo collection and markdown / HTML generator.

It helps you list your stack, which is the set of tools & technologies used by your project or favored by you.


Typescript JavaScript ECMAScript 6 React Redux Vue.js Angular Svelte RxJS redux-observable D3 GSAP WebRTC Workbox jQuery CSS3 Sass Tailwind CSS Material UI Ant Design Bootstrap HTML5 Node.js Express Next.js Electron PHP Laravel Symfony CodeIgniter Java Spring Python Django pandas NumPy MongoDB MySQL PostgreSQL GraphQL Apollo Git Subversion npm Yarn webpack gulp rollup.js Vite Snowpack Babel Handlebars ESLint Prettier Jest Enzyme Cypress Nightwatch.js CircleCI Codecov Visual Studio Code Sublime Text Gatsby Hugo WordPress Apache AWS Microsoft Azure Firebase Elasticsearch Cloudflare OpenID Deno docker React Native Delphi C C++ R NSIS Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Inkscape

Usage Node.js Deno
NPM npm start npm run start:deno
Yarn yarn start yarn start:deno

to generate file from data (one technology name per line, case-insensitive) in input.txt with settings in settings.json.

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These programming languages / libraries / development tools / software packages are helpful, mostly free and open-source, not-for-profit. If we use them in our project, showing their icons, preferably with their links, to give them appropriate credit on our project's homepage, is the least and the easiest we can do.


1546 icon / logo images:

  • 78% are originally from Gil Barbara's repo
  • 22% are collected by Tom Chen or other contributors of geticon

All images are optimized with SVGO

To do

A big change of the repo is planned, see Issue #6: Reorganization of the project. In a nutshell, the plan includes

  • Periodical fetch & auto-update from sources
  • Next.js based website, GUI tool
  • npm package, CLI tool
  • Further standardization of the icons


Icon / logo SVG code are under CC0

Icon / logo design are copyrighted, trademark law also applies

Scripts are under MIT