Best Of Hello World: Startup Source for Apache Spark Java Application
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Apache Spark: Java

Best Of Hello World: Spark Java

Say Hello

This is a very simple and basic program to start with Apache Spark - Java Application. This project gives an idea about how to use Apache Spark handling Request and Response in Java Program.

Getting Started

This sample code is fully executable on its own based on the prerequisites are set up properly.


You are required to have few tools before you start with using the source code.

  • JDK (1.8 or above)
  • Maven
  • IDE (Recommended - Eclipse)
  • Git

Install JDK, Maven and Git as first step, before you get the the code base setup.

Setup Code Base

Use below URL to Clone Source Code

git clone

Build a Project using Maven by Command Line.
Change Directory to Downloaded Project Directory and execute below Maven Command.

mvn clean install


Run the Java Class blog.panditmandar.code.sparkjava.SparkJavaApplication to execute this Application.