Basic Hello World NodeJS ElectronJS Desktop Application
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Best Of Hello World: NodeJS ElectronJS Desktop Application

Say Hello

This is a very simple and basic application for electron JS Desktop App. This uses the Index HTML page to load and some basic window functions in electron JS.

Getting Started

This sample code is fully executable on its own based on the prerequisites are set up properly.


You are required to have few tools before you start with using the source code.

  • NodeJS
  • Electron JS
  • Git

Install NodeJS for the OS platform you are using. Later than use below command to install electron JS.

npm install --save-dev electron

Setup Code Base

Use below URL to Clone Source Code

git clone

Build a Project Node Package Manager.
Execute below command to build Application using npm.

# Go into the repository
$ cd electronjs-app
# Install dependencies
$ npm install


To execute this Application, use below npm command.

# Make sure that you are in directory 'electronjs-app'
# Run the app
$ npm start