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The most Powerful Front-end Framework in the Design World. MAke Beautiful and Full Responsive Websites with ADIS. It better Than Bootstrap!


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ADIS Front-end Framework

ADIS framework is the most powerful in the world and has the power to meet everything that every web architect needs. We call it the best framework made in recent years. ADIS framework was created by Eyruz Badalzada, an Azerbaijani designer and is available to everyone. With an extremely good framework and memorable syntax, ADIS will allow you to enjoy Web design. Compatible with all devices and extremely user-friendly, we highly recommend you to use ADIS. It was created with love. Is there anything more beautiful?))

The Adis Framework is a cutting-edge, user-centric front-end toolkit designed to streamline and elevate the development experience. Engineered with a focus on simplicity and flexibility, Adis offers an extensive suite of components and utilities to empower developers in crafting captivating user interfaces effortlessly.

Key Features:

Modular Architecture: Built on a modular structure, Adis allows easy integration and customization, enabling developers to adapt swiftly to project requirements.

Responsive Design: Responsiveness is inherent to Adis, ensuring flawless adaptability across various devices and screen sizes.

Versatile Components: From interactive UI elements to robust layout systems, Adis boasts a rich library of components that accelerate development without compromising on creativity.

Performance-Oriented: Optimized for speed and performance, Adis is geared to deliver smooth and snappy user experiences, even in complex applications.

Customizable Styles: Tailor styles effortlessly to match brand aesthetics with customizable themes and CSS variables.

Thorough Documentation: Extensive documentation and clear examples empower developers to leverage Adis' capabilities effectively.

Why Choose Adis Framework?

Simplicity and Flexibility: Adis offers a balance between simplicity and flexibility, providing a solid foundation for projects of any scale.

Community Support: Join a thriving community of developers contributing to the framework's growth and sharing best practices.

Constant Innovation: Backed by continuous updates and improvements, Adis ensures that your projects stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of web development.

Experience the power of Adis Framework and expedite your front-end development journey today!

You can download the Framework to your server or use CDN version. Please follow bellow lines to use CDN


JS :

Git : git clone


The most Powerful Front-end Framework in the Design World. MAke Beautiful and Full Responsive Websites with ADIS. It better Than Bootstrap!







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