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☁️ APId - end-to-end API testing framework

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🔭 Overview

APId is a framework that helps you write declarative, end-to-end tests for your API. The tests are written in YAML using simple, yet powerful syntax. Model tests around user flows - APId lets you verify sequential API calls as one flow.

⚡️ Quickstart

The quickest way to run APId is to use the docker image found here.

docker pull getapid/apid:latest

APId expects a file (or folder) with the defined tests to run, so as an example lets use the following basic test:

  url: ""
  - id: simple-request
      - id: get
          method: "GET"
          endpoint: "{{ var.url }}/get"
          code: 200

Make a new file and name it apid.yaml with the content above. To execute it, we need to mount it on the docker container running APId:

docker run -v "$(pwd)/apid.yaml:/apid.yaml" getapid/apid:latest check -c /apid.yaml

You should see the following in your terminal:

    OK   get
successful transactions: 1/1
failed transactions:     0/1

Success! You've just written your first APId test! If you change the expect.code from 200 to lets say 500 the test will fail and this will be the output:

    FAIL get

         request: GET
                want 500, received 200

successful transactions: 0/1
failed transactions:     1/1

For more examples please check the examples folder in this repository.

📚 Documentation

You can find all APId documentation here. The content of the docs site is located under docs in this repository.

⬇️ Installation

APId comes in two distributions - command line interface and docker image. You can use whichever you prefer.


  1. Head to the latest release and select the binary for your operating system.
  2. Once downloaded open the archive and place the executable in a directory on your $PATH.

☁️ Docker

The official docker repository is located here. To pull the latest image run this in your terminal:

docker pull getapid/apid:latest

For more information on the docker image please visit our documentation.

💻 Shell completion

Currently apid can generate shell completion for bash, zsh and powershell

apid completion bash -f /etc/bash.completion.d/

⚙️ Development

All useful development commands can be found in the Makefile. Follow these simple steps to build and test the CLI locally:

1. Install Mockgen

Mockgen is used to generate mock implementations for testing

go get

2. Building and running CLI tests


3. Running CLI end-to-end tests

make e2e

4. Update the docs

The docs are located in the docs folder. The docs site automatically pulls the latest master version of the docs.

👽 Contributing

To contribute to APId, please see CONTRIBUTING.

For questions and discussion join our FAQ page.