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0.8.3 (unreleased)

0.8.2 (May 31, 2012)

Bug fixes

New features

  • By default, cookbook now finds most current version of passenger gem. (@fnichol)
  • By default, rvm_ruby is now "#{node['rvm']['default_ruby']}/@passenger". (@fnichol)
  • Add support for CentOS 5/6. (@daveespo)


  • Various recipe code refactorings. (@fnichol)
  • Add Travis CI support for foodcritic. (@fnichol)
  • Makes recipe compatible with apache2 cookbook's new pattern. (@daveespo)
  • Update README formatting. (@fnichol)
  • Add installation instructions to README. (@fnichol)
  • README typo fix (thank you spelling bot). (@holdensmagicalunicorn)

0.8.0 (August 16, 2011)

The initial release.