Mobile app for accepting bitcoin payments at the point of sale (Bitcoin POS).
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Enabling Bitcoin Payments at the Point of Sale.


BitPocket - Request Payment BitPocket - Manage Accounts BitPocket - Transaction History

Main features

  • Multiple accounts
  • BIP32 HD Keys
  • Testnet support
  • Support for different currencies
  • i18n support

Development setup

BitPocket is an App based on the Ionic/Cordova Frameworks. Therefore a couple of node modules are required to get started. In order to setup your environment the following global node modules need to be installed: npm i cordova ionic -g

After successful installation of the required global modules, do a npm i inside the project folder to gather all local module dependencies. Additionally, some cordova plugins are required also. ionic state reset --plugin does the trick here.

  • ionic serve can be used to test the app locally in the browser, however not all networking features are available.
  • ionic run (android|ios) can be used to test the app on a connected device
  • ionic emulate (android|ios) can be used to test the app on a emulator/simulator


BitPocket is developed alongside unit and e2e testing. Test can be run:

  • npm run test:unit for unit tests
  • npm run test:e2e for e2e tests