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@Sobak Sobak released this 12 Mar 00:32
· 64 commits to master since this release
  • upgraded to Laravel 5.4 thus bumping minimal required PHP version to 5.6.4
  • added back the search feature
  • added filtering feature
  • added confirmation when closing note edit/creation form without saving
  • added debugbar in debug mode
  • added support for Markdown tables
  • added quickform in calendar day view
  • added visual editor for writing notes in Markdown
  • added ability to save note edit/creation form with keyboard shortcut
  • added ability for plugins to set system requirements
  • added ability for plugins to define database migrations
  • added ability for plugins to autoload files within their directories
  • added ability for plugins to retrieve absolute paths for files within their directories
  • added ability for plugins to retrieve their identifiers
  • changed default node.js package manager to Yarn
  • changed default language to English
  • changed favicon
  • changed markdown rendering to cache results
  • changed reminders to be removed when note is marked as done
  • changed to store plugin informations in JSON file instead of PHP method
  • changed user name to be optional display name only
  • changed installation process to be simpler by removing last step completely
  • changed welcome note to fall back to English when fetching translated version
  • fixed bug where typing "ś" in quickform was impossible on Windows
  • fixed crash on /labels when database table prefix was non-empty
  • fixed emails ignoring user's prefered language
  • fixed email titles to be consistent
  • fixed locale for welcoming note's label
  • fixed orphaned reminders after removing a note
  • fixed plugin uninstallation
  • fixed plugin-specific routing
  • fixed registering language files for plugins
  • fixed saving quickform using keyboard shortcut
  • fixed unparsed markdown in welcome note
  • improved fetching notes with label so that only two queries are used instead of n+1
  • improved database structure
  • removed phone number handling from the core
  • reduced size of node_modules by ~20%
  • renamed db:install command to codice:install
  • renamed reminders:send command to codice:remind
  • tons of improvements under the hood
  • updated 3rd party dependencies
    • updated phpunit to 5.x
    • others, not really important