Landing page and sample usage of Cryptoo
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Landing page and sample usage of Cryptoo

Work through the soure code


Backend code can be found in the backend folder

server.js is the entry, it contains an express server exposing 3 APIs

  • /askForPayment: store donator info to database and create a bitcoin address for user
  • payments: query existed payments
  • /payment: query one payment with id, frontend can call this api repeatedly to verify if payment is done. The payment detail will be updated when user send some coins to the address. The payment detail update logic is in cryptoo.js
  • cryptoo.js initialize the Cryptoo instance, handle transaction events. When new tx arrived, it will update the records in database


For simplisity, this example use sqlite as the sql database to record donations, the database table definitaion can be found in the tools folder tools/initDb.sql.


Frontend code can be found in the frontend folder. Frontend is making use of axios to call the APIs and then render the page.

Clone this repo and play with the example youself

  1. clone this repo
  2. npm install: install dependencies
  3. npm run initDb: this will create a db.sqlite file in the current folder
  4. modify bitcoinNetwork to testnet in backend/config.js if you are testing and want to use testnet bitcoin
  5. npm run start: start the backend
  6. visit http://localhost:7777