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Releases: getdnsapi/stubby

Stubby - v0.4.3

22 Dec 15:24
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  • Fix Issue #330 and PR#324: PrivateUsers=false needed in systemd stubby.service file for stubby to start. Thanks Archcan and Petr Menšík
  • PR #323: Reduce log messages when interface is offline. Thanks Russ Bubley and Andre Heider

Stubby - v0.4.2

13 Sep 09:02
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  • Fix Issue #320: Stubby doesn't start without "log_level" entry. Thanks Johnny S. Lee
  • Several updates to the servers in the config file:
    • sinodun.dnsovertls*.com servers are removed and will be decommissioned in the near future. This leaves only the server as the default.
      A recommendation is made that users choose additional servers from the list available.
    • Additional Quad9 servers added (thanks pataquets).
    • LDN servers removed as the service is now stopped.
    • Tidy up of remaining server data.
    • Change comment lines on Uncensored server data to more clearly be comments (not valid YAML)
    • Fix and improve descriptions of default values
    • DoT servers liston on port 443 now too
  • Fixes for parsing of quoted key values for tls-ca-file, tls-curves-list and resolvconf
  • Add Dockerfile into contrib - thanks to pataquets.
  • Strengthen version checking for LibIDN2 during the cmake step so LibIDN2 version 2.3.3 can be properly found (thanks jpbion).
  • Updated systemd/stubby.service file. Thanks Bruno Pagani
  • log level configurable in config file with log_level setting Command line setting (with -v or -l) overrules the config file setting

Stubby - v0.4.0

07 Jun 18:01
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  • We announce the intention to remove the dnsovertls* servers from the default resolver list in the next release, see #286 for details.
  • Add ability to run Stubby as a full Windows service
  • Update IPs for
  • Remove the entries in the stubby config file
  • Bugfix: Make run_in_foreground = 1 the default again
  • Support yaml config files that do not use quotes

Stubby - v0.3.0

16 Jun 14:46
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  • Migration of build system to cmake.
  • Correct the details and remove ibksturm server in stubby.yml.example.
  • Include AppArmor profile (thanks CameronNemo)
  • Add contrib contributors to the README
  • Let scheduled task run indefinitely on Windows (thanks triatic)
  • Add Restart=on-failure to the systemd.service file (thanks appliedprivacy)


03 Apr 14:33
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  • 2019-04-03: Version 0.2.6
  • Windows: use appropriate system and user configuration directories.
  • Windows: replace references to C:\Program Files with %PROGRAMFILES%.
  • Windows: use location of stubby.bat to find stubby.exe and stubby.yml.

Stubby - v0.2.5

11 Jan 15:35
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  • 2019-01-11: Version 0.2.5
  • RFE getdnsapi/getdns#408: Document trust_anchors_backoff_time
    in stubby.yml.example. Thanks Jonathan Underwood
  • RFE #148: Document tls_ciphersuites, tls_cipher_list, tls_min_version
    and tls_max_version in stubby.yml.example. Thanks Jonathan Underwood
  • RFE #149: Added Google Public DNS to stubby.yml.example.
    Thanks Bruno Pagani

Stubby - v0.2.4

03 Jan 09:52
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2018-12-21: Version 0.2.4

  • DNSSEC required with dnssec extension in example config
  • Removed the yeti servers from stubby.yml.example
  • Added the Foundation RESTENA servers in stubby.yml.example
  • Bugfix: only start Stubby when network is up
    Thanks Bruno Pagani

Stubby - v0.2.3

11 May 09:54
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2018-05-11: Version 0.2.3

  • Bugfix #62 and #106: With systemd setups, make /run/stubby directory
    writeable for stubby user and include a "appdata_dir" directory
    in stubby.yml.example.
    Thanks Paul Wouters, eccgecko and Han Vinke
  • Update entries in stubby.yml.example
  • Added Cloudflare servers in stubby.yml.example
  • Added basic upstart script in contrib/upstart dir. Thanks vapniks
  • Bugfix #98: EDNS options that are handled internally should not
    be passed on through downstream. Thanks Twisteroid Ambassador

Stubby - v0.2.2

21 Feb 15:07
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2018-02-21: Version 0.2.2

  • Fixes and updates to the stubby.yml.config file. Add separate entries for
    servers that listen on port 443.
  • Additional logging of basic config on startup
  • -V option to show version
  • Added a man page

Stubby - v0.2.1

19 Dec 12:55
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  • 2017-12-18: Version 0.2.1
  • Fix use of logging on macos 10.11