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BugBox Module

Bugbox is a GIT based system to post bug resolutions as
an alternative to submitting patches.


Run the following shell commands:

git clone git://
cd bugbox
./ install

Creating a BugBox Repository

Run the following shell commands, replace GIT_DIR with your local path:

export GIT_DIR="/example/path/bugboxd.git"
git --bare init

Specify a url for external access:

git config bugbox.url "ssh://"

Specify a ticketing system, multiple systems can be defined with this
pattern ticket.<system>:

git config BugZilla
git config

Add GIT hooks:

cat > $GIT_DIR/hooks/pre-receive << EOF
#! /bin/bash

read oldrev newrev ref
bugbox hook pre-receive \$ref \$oldrev \$newrev

Running the Web Service

Creating the CherryPy config:

cat > /example/path/bugbox.cfg << EOF
bugbox.dir = "/example/path/bugboxd.git"
tree.bugbox = cherrypy.tree.mount(bugbox.web.root, "/", bugbox.web.root.config)

Running the CherryPy Daemon:

cherryd -c /example/path/bugbox.cfg -i bugbox.web

Mounting to an existing daemon tree:

tree.bugbox = cherrypy.tree.mount(bugbox.web.root, '/bugbox', bugbox.web.root.config)


Shoot me an email with any feedback.

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