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ferdi-slim-server is a slim alternative to ferdi-server.

Opposed to ferdi-server, ferdi-slim-server is only a wrapper around the Franz API that allows you to add custom recipes. These recipes will be availible on all clients that conntect to your ferdi-slim-server.

Looking for a full Ferdi server?

If you want to create an independent Ferdi server, please use ferdi-server instead of ferdi-slim-server.


  1. Clone this repository
  2. Install the AdonisJS CLI
  3. Copy .env.example to .env and edit the configuration to your needs
  4. Run the database migrations with
    adonis migration:run
  5. Start the server with
    adonis serve --dev


franz-server's configuration is saved inside the .env file. Besides AdonisJS's settings, ferdi-server has the following custom settings:


Creating admin users

Before recipes in ferdi-slim-server get published to all clients, an admin user has to verify the recipe first.

To create a new admin user, visit /admin/register. Please keep in mind that the "Registration Key" is defined in your .env file.

Creating a new recipe

For documentation on how to create a recipe, please visit the official guide by Franz.

When creating a new recipe in ferdi-slim-server you'll have two options:

Upload a recipe directly

To upload a recipe directly, go to /new. Fill in all information and submit the form. The recipe can now be verified using an admin account.

Import your recipe from a GitHub repository

To import a GitHub repository, go to /github. Fill in all information and submit the form. The recipe can now be verified using an admin account.

More information on recipe creation can be found in the ferdi-server repository.

Verifying recipes

After uploading a recipe, an admin user has to verify it.

To verify a recipe, log in to your admin account on /admin/login and visit the admin dashboard at /admin/dashboard. You will see a list of unverified recipes that you can verify by downloading them, then publishing them by clicking Accept.


ferdi-slim-server is licensed under the MIT License


πŸ—œ Slim server wrapper for Franz API to add custom recipes




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