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Development Roadmap

The following items are listed in no particular order. If you'd like to contribute or have anything to add, you may submit a pull request, post in the forums, or e-mail

Settings Management Planning

Admin interface for managing settings (the ones currently found in config/app.yml).

Language Localization Planning

A system and core helper for localizing language text. We are considering support for various file formats such as PO and YAML. If you have a preference, we'd love to hear from you.

Installer Planning

A user interface to guide new installations. It will includes steps to progress through system dependencies, database setup, file permissions, plugins, templates, and other general settings.

Custom Attribute Management Planning

Although collection attributes can be added on the fly already (thanks to MongoDB), not everyone wants to edit Admin HTML to do it. This feature will make it possible to add custom attributes to any collection without writing code.

Product Configuration Planning

A product configuration interface for creating "product types", with the ability to specify properties and attributes for each type.

Inventory Tracking Planning

A new model for tracking inventory quantities associated with products and variants. Templates can use this information to display inventory levels and trigger actions based on available stock.

Unit/Integration Test Suite Planning

A robust test suite to ensure APIs and core classes do what they are meant to do, and developers can move faster knowing their plugins and custom code won't break.

Payment Gateways Planning

A core payment plugin with combined support for Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.Net, and others. It will be enhanced continually to support additional payment gateways over time. Note: Core support already exists for Stripe.

Shipping Carriers Planning

A core shipping plugin with combined support for UPS, USPS, FedEx, and other international carriers. It will be enhanced continually to support additional shipping carriers over time. Note: Core support already exists for UPS and FedEx.

Custom Reporting Planning

Admin interface for custom reporting. It will allow you to create and manage custom reports based on any collection with variable algorithms.

Discount Types Planning

Additional discount types including those applied by product catalog rules and account roles.

Currency/Unit Conversion Planning

Support for unit types and conversion (currency, weight, length). Real-time currency conversion rates are to be implemented by plugin.

Template/Plugin Management Planning

Admin interface for managing the installation and settings of templates and plugins.

Template Themes Planning

A set of conventions for creating templates that support "themes". A theme is mean to replace the user interface portion of a template without affecting the functional behavior of that template. Alpha and Admin templates will be updated to support theming.

Template Assets Planning

A convention that allows static assets to be contained and served directly from template directories (app/templates/.../assets/). It will reduce the work needed to distribute and install templates.

MongoDB Management Planning

Admin interface for managing MongoDB connections, collections, documents, and indexes. Think of it as a lightweight phpMyAdmin for Mongo.

Improved Channels Planning

Enhancements to the Admin channel management interface, including: ability to specify which field to use as list Title, Description, and Labels, ability to specify which fields are searchable, ability to drag/drop sort fields, and general improvement to the Manage Channels interface.

Bootstrap Upgrade Planning

The Admin template will be upgraded to the latest version of Twitter Bootstrap.

Bug Fixes

Various bugs will be addressed in every release, according to the list of Issues in github.