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#Developer Guide

##Lexing and parsing

  • The lexing rules are defined in _SpecLexer.flex and is generated using JFlex
  • The grammar rules are defined in specification.bnf and is generated using grammar kit SpecParser builds an structure with PsiElements and we can add custom behavior for each element (eg step has get specstep has getStepValue)

##Available Features

  • Project Creation
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Auto completion
  • Navigation from step to implementation
  • Quick Fix for unimplemented steps

##Interacting with the core

Auto completion,step value extraction and other api calls are made from the plugin. Each module is associated with an api connection(GaugeConnection). This Gauge connection is created during the module initialization phase after the gauge process is started in background. Gauge connection talks to the core using protobuff.

##Debugging specs

  • Create a remote run configuration which attaches on port 50005
  • Right click on the spec -> Choose Debug specification (this will wait for a debugger to get attached, currently waits for 30 seconds)
  • Choose the previously created remote run configuration and run it (this will attach to the gauge process)

##Some useful links

Antlr guy's tips

Psi Cook book