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Gauge-csharp [DEPRECATED]

Windows Linux / OS X (Mono)
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This project adds C# language plugin for gauge.

Deprecation Notice

This plugin is deprecated because Microsoft is ending support for .NET Framework. Refer

Please use the Gauge Dotnet plugin instead.

Porting Gauge-CSharp projects to Gauge-Dotnet

Gauge-CSharp plugin uses and relies on Microsoft .NET framework for execution. Gauge-Dotnet plugin relies on .NET Core.

In order to port your .NET Framework project to .NET Core, please refer to this guide:

Additionally, you'll need to point your gauge project to use gauge-dotnet runner.

This can be done by editing the manifest.json file located in the project root location.

  • Open manifest.json in any text editor.
  • Locate the line with text: "Language": "csharp",
  • Change the located line to "Language": "dotnet",
  • Save the file

Now you should be able to run your project using gauge-dotnet plugin.

Note that you'll have to ensure that the project file (.csproj) and it's structure meet the recommendations of .NET Core.

Getting started



gauge install csharp

Create a gauge-csharp project

gauge init csharp

Run tests

gauge run specs

Alternate Installation options

Install specific version

  • Installing specific version
gauge install csharp --version 0.10.1

Offline installation

gauge install csharp --file

Build from Source

The plugin is authored in C#. Gauge is authored in golang. These are independent processes talking to each other over TCP on port GAUGE_INTERNAL_PORT (env variable) using Protobuf.

Development Environment Setup
Additional Requirements

Apart from Gauge and [.NET Framework], you will need

  • Use BoxStarter to setup Windows box.
    • Install Windows
    • Hit from Internet Explorer/Edge.
    • Install Visual Studio and Resharper separately (You could consider installing from an ISO).

For building and unit testing you only need mono.

Gauge Lib

Lib is a dll that brings in Gauge's data types to C#. It is hosted in Nuget.

Read more about Lib here.

Gauge Core

Core is a dll that brings in Gauge's API and connection to C#, and also holds the protobuf communication code. It is hosted in Nuget, and is not listed in the search results. This package is used by Lib and Runner only.

Read more about Core here.

Gauge CSharp Runner

Runner is an executable that is invoked by Gauge Core. The Runner acts a bridge between C# test code and Gauge's API.

Read more about Runner here.


This is a submodule of the repository This repository holds the .proto files that act as contracts between Gauge and the plugins. This submodule needs to be fetched to generate the protobuf classes.


The Lib is a reference that you can add to your test project, as you would do with any Nuget package.

You will need Gauge and Gauge-csharp plugin installed before installing Lib.


On mono:

./ CopyBinaries

On Windows

build.cmd CopyBinaries
Regenerate the API messages (protocol buffer api changes)

Update the submodule and run the gen-proto command:

git submodule update
run.bat gen-proto
Unit/Integration Tests

On mono:

./ RunTests

On Windows

build.cmd RunTests
Functional Tests

For running functional tests

  • gauge
  • java 1.8
  • maven

Choose from the below targets (whichever is applicable)

Target Purpose
FunctionalTests Runs all functional tests without unimplemented tag
FunctionalTestsP Same as FunctionalTests but runs in parallel
FunctionalTestsUnimplemented Runs all functional tests with unimplemented tag, ideally these should fail
FunctionalTestsPUnimplemented Same as FunctionalTestsUnimplemented but runs in parallel
BuildInstallFT Builds, runs Unit and Integration tests, installs Gauge-CSharp from artifact, and triggers FunctionalTestsP

On mono:

./ <target>

On Windows:

build.cmd <target>

On mono:

./ Package

On Windows:

build.cmd Package

All artifacts are genereated in .\artifacts folder.

  • The plugin is zipped to artifacts/gauge-csharp/gauge-csharp-<runner-version>.zip, where <runner-version> is from top of file.
  • The Lib Nuget package is put at artifacts/gauge-csharp-lib/Gauge.CSharp.Lib.<lib-version>.nupkg, where <lib-version> is from top of Lib/ file.
  • The Core Nuget package is put at artifacts/gauge-csharp-core/Gauge.CSharp.Core.<core-version>.nupkg, where <core-version> is from top of Core/ file.

Zip distribution in artifacts/gauge-csharp/gauge-csharp-<runner-version>.zip can be created with On mono:

./ Zip

On Windows

build.cmd Zip
Install the plugin

To install a local version of the plugin, choose from the below targets (whichever is applicable)

Target Purpose
Install Installs Runner from generated Artifact
ForceInstall Same as Install, but removes conflicting version if already installed

On mono:

./ <target>

On Windows:

build.cmd <target>


GNU Public License version 3.0 Gauge-csharp is released under GNU Public License version 3.0


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