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This project adds dotnet-core language plugin for gauge.

The plugin is authored in c#.

Getting started



gauge install dotnet

Create a gauge-dotnet project

gauge init dotnet

Run tests

gauge run specs

Alternate Installation options

Install specific version

  • Installing specific version
gauge install dotnet --version 0.0.1

Offline installation

gauge install dotnet --file gauge-dotnet-0.0.1.zip

Nightly installation

To install dotnet nightly, download the latest nightly from here.

Once you have the downloaded nightly gauge-dotnet-version.nightly-yyyy-mm-dd.zip, install using:

gauge install dotnet -f gauge-dotnet-version.nightly-yyyy-mm-dd.zip

Build from Source


Running run.sh or run.cmd should give the list of all tasks available. Below sections detail some commonly used tasks.


To build the project dlls:

./run.cmd|./run.sh build

After compiling

To run tests (unit and integration):

./run.cmd|./run.sh test

To install the the dotnet plugin use(Note, this will uninstall gauge-dotnet before installing the compiled version):

./run.cmd|./run.sh forceinstall
Creating distributable
./run.cmd|./run.sh package

New distribution details need to be updated in the dotnet-install.json file in gauge plugin repository for a new verison update.


GNU Public License version 3.0 Gauge-Dotnet is released under GNU Public License version 3.0


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