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This project adds Python language plugin for gauge.

Getting started



gauge install python

Create a gauge-python project

gauge init python

Run tests

gauge run specs

Useful links

Alternate Installation options

Install specific version

gauge install python -v 0.2.3
[pip / pip3] install getgauge

Offline installation

gauge install python --file
[pip / pip3] install getgauge

Build from Source

Installing package dependencies
pip install -r requirements.txt
python --test
Tests Coverage
python --test
coverage report -m
python --install
Creating distributable
python --dist

This will create a .zip file in bin directory and a .tar.gz file in dist directory.


Only contributors with push access can create a deployment.

The deployment process is managed via Github Actions.

Follow these steps to deploy gauge-python.

  • Create a Personal Access Token in Github with repo:public_repo scope (skip this step if you already have a PAT).
  • Run GITHUB_TOKEN={Your token} sh in gauge-python dir. This will trigger a deployment workflow on Github Actions. This workflow creates a release draft with all required assets and information.
  • Visit to the release draft, analyze and update the contents (remove unnecessary entries, mention Contributors, remove dependabot PR entries).
  • Publish the draft release.
  • Once the draft is published it will trigger another workflow on Github Actions, which will perform all the Post release tasks, In case of gauge-python it will upload the getgauge python packge to PyPi.
  • Once it's done please update the new release information in gauge-repository
  • That's it. Now the release can be announced on the required community platforms (chat, google group etc.)


  • Selenium: This project serves as an example for writing automation using Gauge. It uses selenium and various Gauge/Gauge-Python features. For more details, Check out the gauge-example-python repository.

  • Selenium and REST API: This project shows an example of how to setup Gauge, Gauge Python and Magento to test REST API. For more details, Check out the blog or gauge-magento-test repository.


The Gauge-Python is an open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.


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