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This project adds ruby language plugin for gauge.

The plugin is authored in Ruby. It contains a launcher component (gauge-ruby.go) written in golang which is used to start the plugin from gauge.

Getting started



gauge install ruby

Create a gauge-ruby project

gauge init ruby

Run tests

gauge run specs

Alternate Installation options

Install specific version

  • Installing specific version
gauge install ruby --version 0.7.0

Offline installation

gauge install ruby --file

Build from Source


Run bundle install to install all required gems.

Running bundle exec rake -T should give the list of all tasks available. Below sections detail some commonly used tasks.


To build and the gauge-ruby executable for current platform use:

bundle exec rake compile

To build and the gauge-ruby for all supported platforms use:

bundle exec rake xcompile

After compiling

TO install the use:

bundle exec rake install

To install gauge-ruby plugin use (Note, this will uninstall gauge-ruby before installing the compiled version):

bundle exec rake force_install

Installing to a CUSTOM_LOCATION

bundle exec rake force_install[CUSTOM_LOCATION]
Creating distributable

Note: Run after compiling

bundle exec rake package

For distributable across platforms os, windows and linux for both x86_64 and arm64

bundle exec rake package_all

New distribution details need to be updated in the ruby-install.json file in gauge plugin repository for a new version update.


Apache License, Version 2.0


Copyright ThoughtWorks, Inc.