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Gauge extension for Visual Studio Code


$ code --install-extension getgauge.gauge

Other Install options


Create new project

Execute the Command Gauge: Create new Gauge Project and select the appropriate template to create a new Gauge Project

Create New Project preview

Code Completion

Code Completion preview

Goto Definition

Goto Definition preview


Diagnostics preview

Format Specifications

Formatting preview


Symbols preview


References preview

Run specifications and scenarios

Using Codelens

Run Specs/Scenarios preview

Using command palette

* Run All Specification
* Run Specification
* Run Scenarios
* Run Scenario At Cursor
* Repeat Last Run
* Gauge: Re-Run Failed Scenario(s)

Debug specifications and scenarios

Debug Specs/Scenarios preview

Suport for Debugging of step implementations in JS, Python and Ruby


View execution reports inside VS Code

Execution Report preview

Test Explorer

Test Explorer preview

Snippets for specification, scenarios and tables

  • spec - for specification
  • sce - for scenario
  • table:1 - table with one column
  • table:2 - table with two columns
  • table:3 - table with three columns
  • table:4 - table with four columns
  • table:5 - table with five columns
  • table:6 - table with six columns


To override default configurations in VSCode settings

  • gauge.launch.enableDebugLogs: Starts gauge lsp server with log-level debug, defaults to false
  • gauge.execution.debugPort: Debug port, defaults to 9229
  • gauge.notification.suppressUpdateNotification: Stops notifications for gauge-vscode plugin auto-updates, defaults to false
  • gauge.create.specification.withHelp: Create specification template with help comments, defaults to true

Install from source

$ npm run build

This will create gauge-<version>.vsix file which can be installed via VScode's Install from VSIX.

Install nightly versions

Nightly version of vscode is available in bintray. To install a nightly version,


If gauge features are not activated, check file associations for .spec and .cpt it maybe used by another plugin. To fix this, add this to user settings

"files.associations": {
	"*.spec": "gauge",
	"*.cpt": "gauge"

Facing other issues?

Refer our Troubleshooting guide

Talk to us

Please see below for the best place to ask a query:

  • How do I? -- Stack Overflow
  • I got this error, why? -- Stack Overflow
  • I got this error and I'm sure it's a bug -- file an issue You can also easily report issues from VSCode itself by executing command Gauge: Report Issue from the command pallete
  • I have an idea/request -- file an issue
  • Why do you? -- Google Groups
  • When will you? -- Google Groups