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Windows: Debug java project does not work properly #344

Debashis9012 opened this issue Jan 17, 2019 · 2 comments

Windows: Debug java project does not work properly #344

Debashis9012 opened this issue Jan 17, 2019 · 2 comments


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Debashis9012 commented Jan 17, 2019

Expected behavior
Should be able to debug a java project

Actual behavior
Debug process is not happening correctly.
While debugging control moves to "Method.class" file

Steps to replicate

Observed on Windows

  • Download latest nightly vs code plugin and
    install it
  • Create a new java project
  • Navigate to created java project and keep
    debug point in implementation file.

Start debugging


Gauge version: 1.0.4.nightly-2019-01-09
Commit Hash: 33123a1

html-report (4.0.7.nightly-2019-01-11)
java (0.7.0.nightly-2019-01-14)
js (2.3.4.nightly-2019-01-15)
screenshot (0.0.1)

IDE Version - gauge-0.0.8.nightly-2019-01-16

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This has been seen only on the Windows platform when the project is not configured to use any build tool (ex. maven).

Details about issue

The reason for this issue is because gauge compiles the java files and move the classes to gauge_bin. The debug info in the classes does not include an absolute path of source file. So the source is unknown in the debug stack.
The debugger stops the location where it finds the source
A sample debug stack -

StepImplementation.setLanguageVowels(String) (Unknown Source:15)
NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Method,Object,Object[])[native method] (Unknown Source:-1)
NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Object,Object[]) (Unknown Source:62)
DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Object,Object[]) (Unknown Source:43)
Method.invoke(Object,Object[]) (\rt.jar\java.lang.reflect\Method.class:498)
MethodExecutor.execute(Method,Object[]) (Unknown Source:38)
StepExecutionStage.executeStepMethod(MethodExecutor,Method) (Unknown Source:76)
StepExecutionStage.executeStep() (Unknown Source:69)
StepExecutionStage.execute(Spec$ProtoExecutionResult) (Unknown Source:51)
AbstractExecutionStage.executeNext(Spec$ProtoExecutionResult) (Unknown Source:24)
HookExecutionStage.execute(Spec$ProtoExecutionResult) (Unknown Source:43)
ExecutionPipeline.start() (Unknown Source:29)
ExecuteStepProcessor.process(Messages$Message) (Unknown Source:48)
MessageDispatcher.dispatchMessages(GaugeConnector) (Unknown Source:93)
GaugeRuntime.dispatchMessages(MessageDispatcher,GaugeConnector) (Unknown Source:115)
GaugeRuntime.lambda$connectSynchronously$1(MessageDispatcher,GaugeConnector) (Unknown Source:98) (Unknown Source:-1) (\rt.jar\java.lang\Thread.class:748)

The 4th stack contains the source path so that's the file which will be opened.
Although the variables in the debug stack are correct.

As discussed with the team this a scenario where a user is not using any build tools (not recommended). So we will not be spending time to fix this and mark is as a known issue.

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I am facing the same error while trying to Debugg a spec file:

istening for transport dt_socket at address: 63628

ERROR: transport error 203: timed out waiting for connection
JDWP exit error JVMTI_ERROR_NONE(0): could not connect, timeout or fatal error [:355]

Error ----------------------------------

Failed to start gauge API: Timed out connecting to

Can you please help?

Where do i initialized gauge-java?

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