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  • A comprehensive test results report template prepared in a html format providing the overall summary with drill down of the test cases executed and effort spent during the testing for each stage and feature.
  • It provides the details for the defects found during the run.
  • It indicates the tests by color code - failed(red), passed(green) and skipped(grey).
  • The failure can be analyzed with the stacktrace and screenshot(captures unless overwritten not to).
  • The skipped tests can be analyzed with the given reason.
  • Custom Messages allows users to add messages at runtime.

Sample HTML Report documemt

Create New Project preview


gauge install html-report
  • Installing specific version
gauge install html-report --version 2.1.0

Offline installation

gauge install html-report --file

Build from Source


Download dependencies

go get -t ./...


go run build/make.go

For cross-platform compilation

go run build/make.go --all-platforms

After compilation

go run build/make.go --install

Installing to a CUSTOM_LOCATION

go run build/make.go --install --plugin-prefix CUSTOM_LOCATION

Creating distributable

Note: Run after compiling

go run build/make.go --distro

For distributable across platforms: Windows and Linux for both x86 and x86_64

go run build/make.go --distro --all-platforms

New distribution details need to be updated in the html-report-install.json file in the gauge plugin repository for a new version update.


The HTML report plugin can be configured by the properties set in the env/ file in the project.

The configurable properties are:


  • Specifies the path to the directory where the execution reports will be generated.

  • Should be either relative to the project directory or an absolute path. By default it is set to reports directory in the project


  • Set to true if the reports must be overwritten on each execution maintaining only the latest execution report.

  • If set to false then a new report will be generated on each execution in the reports directory in a nested time-stamped directory. By default it is set to true.


  • Specifies the path to the custom theme directory.

  • Should be either relative to the project directory or an absolute path. By default, default theme shipped with gauge is used.


  • Set to true if the generated HTML files needs to be minified. This helps avoid creating huge reports if the project suite is huge.

Report re-generation

If report generation fails due to some reason, we don't have to re-run the tests again.

Gauge now generates a last_run_result file in the .gauge folder under the Project Root. There is also a symlink to the html-report executable in the same location.

To regenerate the report

  • Navigate to the reports directory
  • run ./html-report --input=last_run_result --output="/some/path"

Note: The output directory is created. Take care not to overwrite an existing directory

While regenerating a report, the default theme is used. A custom can be used if --theme flag is specified with the path to the custom theme.


This program is licensed under:

Apache License, Version 2.0

Copyright 2015 ThoughtWorks, Inc.