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Get GNU/Linux!

This is the web application for the site. Get GNU/Linux! is a simple, clear website about GNU/Linux. What is GNU/Linux? Why not Windows? Tips to make the switch. With this website we hope to reach people who never heard about free software and barely remotely heard the word "Linux".

Quick start

You can use Docker to setup a local build and test environment. You will first need to install the Docker engine as well as docker-compose:

Start the build environment with:


This should open a Bash shell inside the Docker container. Inside the container, activate the development shell with:

. scripts/activate

With the development shell active, you can run gulp commands.

To build the website, run:

make && gulp develop

Start the web server in a separate terminal:


The website should now be accessible at http://localhost:1337/.


If you wish to contribute to this website, please fork it on GitHub, push your change to a named branch, then send us a pull request.

You can also help us reach an audience in your language. With Transifex, you can help translate the website into your own language. Please see our translation guidelines for more information.

Also see our community forum for more ways you can help.


The source code is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License Version 3, which you can find in the COPYING file.

The content of the website and its graphical assets are, except where otherwise noted, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


Get GNU/Linux! A simple, clear website about GNU/Linux.




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