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Grav Bootstrapper Plugin

bootstrapper is a Grav plugin that can be used as a dependency for other themes and plugins to load Bootstrap Framework assets. The main purpose of this plugins is to allow the Boostrap theme to depend on the bootstrap CSS/JS and allow the plugin to be updated independently of the theme itself.


GPM Installation (Preferred)

The simplest way to install this plugin is via the Grav Package Manager (GPM). From the root of your Grav install type:

bin/gpm install bootstrapper

Manual Installation

If for some reason you can't use GPM you can manually install this plugin. Download the zip version of this repository and unzip it under /your/site/grav/user/plugins. Then, rename the folder to bootstrapper.

You should now have all the plugin files under



To best understand what Bootstrapper plugin provides, you should read through the original Bootstrap project documentation.


Bootstrapper is enabled but not active by default. You can change this behavior by setting active: true in the plugin's configuration. Simply copy the user/plugins/bootstrapper/bootstrapper.yaml into user/config/plugins/bootstrapper.yaml and make your modifications.

enabled: true                   # Enable / Disable this plugin
version: v3                     # Choose which version of Bootstrap should be loaded - `v3` for `v3.3.7` or `v4` for `v4.1.1`
always_load: false              # If set to `false` the Theme must have `public $load_bootstrapper_plugin = true;` to add the CSS/JS
use_cdn: false					# If set to `true` Bootstrap's CSS and JavaScript loads from CDN
mode: production                # Production mode will use the `.min` compressed CSS and JS files
load_core_css: true             # Load the core `bootstrap.css` CSS file
load_theme_css: true            # Load the theme `bootstrap-theme.css` CSS file (only Bootstrap `v3.3.7`)
load_popper_js: true            # Load the `popper.js` JS file (only Bootstrap `v4.1.1`)
load_core_js: true              # Load the core `bootstrap.js` JS file
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