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Grav Editor Buttons Plugin

The Editor Buttons Plugin for Grav adds additional buttons to the Grav Admin Editor.


The Data plugin is easy to install with GPM.

$ bin/gpm install editor-buttons

Or clone from GitHub and put in the user/plugins/editor-buttons folder.


In the Admin Panel, Plugins list, clicking Editor Buttons will show you some options. You can independently activate one or more editor buttons.

Currently available buttons are

  • Insert Table
  • Insert Headings

If the "Markdown Notices" plugin is installed, these will also be available:

  • Insert Info Notice
  • Insert Note Notice
  • Insert Tip Notice
  • Insert Warning Notice

If the "Shortcodes Core" plugin is installed, these will also be available:

  • Align Left | Center | Right
  • Insert Column
  • Create Safe Email
  • Insert Notice
  • Insert Underline
  • Insert Size

If the "Shortcodes UI" plugin is installed, these will also be available:

  • Insert Tabs
  • Insert Accordion
  • Insert Browser
  • Insert Polaroid
  • Insert Image Compare


Open a page, and along the editor default buttons you'll see the newly activated buttons.

Future improvements

This is a first revision of the plugin.

Ideas for the near future:

  • Allow to remove any of the default editor buttons
  • Add additional editor buttons
  • Allow stacking the buttons in vertical lists, to improve the usage of the space