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Star Ratings Plugin

The Star Ratings Plugin is for Grav CMS. This file should be modified to describe the features, installation, configuration, and general usage of this plugin.


Simple but Powerful Star Ratings plugin for all your needs. All you need is to pass it some unique id.

This allows you to easily add star ratings or a page URL, an image name, comments, pretty much anything! This plugin uses SVG-based stars so they are fully customizable in color and size, as well as stroke, and you can also configure the number of stars (default is 5). You can fully configure the behavior too, including the ability to vote in half stars or display the number of votes.

Star votes are fully cached utilizing Grav's caching mechanism, so performance is not a problem. And using stars could not be simpler!


First ensure you are running the latest Grav 1.0.10 or later. To force an upgrade of Grav run the following:

$ bin/gpm selfupgrade -f

The Star Ratings can be installed via the Admin plugin, but it can also be installed from the CLI with the following command:

$ bin/gpm install star-ratings


The simplest way to configure the plugin is via the Admin Plugin. Simply navigate to Plugins then select Star Ratings to access the configuration options.

Alternatively, you can configure options manually by simply copying the user/plugins/star-ratings/star-ratings.yaml into user/config/plugins/star-ratings.yaml and making your modifications.

enabled: true
callback: '/star-ratings'
built_in_css: true
unique_ip_check: true
initial_stars: 0
total_stars: 5
star_size: 25
use_full_stars: false
empty_color: '#e3e3e3'
hover_color: '#1bb3e9'
active_color: '#ffd700'
use_gradient: true
star_gradient_start: '#fef7cd'
star_gradient_end: '#ffcc00'
star_shape: 'rounded' # 'rounded'
readonly: false
disable_after_rate: true
stroke_width: 0
stroke_color: '#999999'
show_count: false
global_initialization: false

Page Overrides

You can override any of these settings (except enabled) via page frontmatter overrides. For example if you have a set of defaults, and you want to override the size and stroke width of the stars on a particular page, you can do so with the following YAML in the page's frontmatter:

  star_size: 45
  stroke_width: 5

These values are merged with the defaults so you don't need to include everything, only what you want to override.


To use this plugin, you simplest way to output the stars is to use the Twig function and pass it a Unique ID:

{{ stars(232) }}

This is using the hard-coded value of 232 as the unique ID. You can however, use a dynamic value such as:

{{ stars(page.route) }}

This will use the current page's route as the unique identifier.

You can also get at the raw data array:

{% set my_data = star_data(232) %}

This will return all the data for this specific item:

  'id' => 232,
  'count' => 2,
  'score' => 2.25

So you can easily display just the score with: {{ my_data.score }}.

You can also pass options to the stars function

{{ stars(page.route, { options: { readOnly: true, starSize: 50 } }) }}

Aggregate Rating

Since version 2.0.0 the plugin supports Aggregated Rating (Rich Snippets). In order to enable the functionality the first thing that needs to be done is to enable the aggregate_rating option for the page.

    aggregate_rating: true

Then from your twig file you can call the stars function


Aggregation supports 2 options to customize the rich snippet output:

  1. title: defaults to the id of the element
  2. type: defaults to 'Product'

Everything else will get automatically calculated.

stars(page.route, { options: { aggregate: { type: 'Blog', title: 'My Product } } })

Assuming there's been 7 votes with the worst rating of 1 and best rating of 5 with a rating value of 2.6, this will render as:

<script type="application/ld+json">{ "@context": "",
  "@type": "Blog",
  "name": "My Product",
    {"@type": "AggregateRating",
     "ratingValue": "2.5714285714286",
     "bestRating": "5",
     "worstRating": "1",
     "ratingCount": "7"

It is advised to use the Aggregate Rating for a single element per page, rather than trying to enable the functionality for many items.


If you wish to use the {{ stars(id) }} Twig call in your page's content rather than in a Twig template, you must disable page cache (see how to do this via page headers) or the stars value will be cached and will not sure an accurate representation of the state until the cache is cleared.