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A static blog writing client

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👏 Welcome to use Gridea

✍️ Gridea A static blog writing client. You can use it to record your life, mood, knowledge, notes and ideas...


📝 Use the coolest Markdown editor to create quickly

🌉 Insert pictures and article cover charts anywhere in the article

🏷️ Label and group articles

📋 Customize menus and even create external link menus

💻 Use this client on Windows or MacOS or Linux

🌎 Use Github Pages or Coding Pages to show the world that more platforms will be supported in the future

💬 Simply configure and access the Gitalk or DisqusJS comment system

🗺️ Use simplified Chinesetraditional ChineseEnglishRussianFrench

🌁 Use any default theme within the application or any third-party theme, free theme customization

🖥 Customize the source folder and synchronize multiple devices using OneDrive, iCloud, Dropbox, etc.

🌱 Of course Gridea is still very young and has many shortcomings, but please believe it will keep moving forward 🏃

In the future, it will surely become your inseparable partner

Give full play to your talents!

😘 Enjoy~


If you want to contribute code, please check the Contribution Guide in advance.

$ # Node version > v10.0.0 is requied
$ git clone
$ cd gridea
$ yarn
$ yarn electron:serve
$ yarn electron:build


Telegram Channel | Telegram Group | QQ 1 Group: 970332209 | QQ 2 Group: 923131213 | Author Twitter: @EryouHao

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We welcome all contributions. You can submit any ideas as pull requests or as GitHub issues.



MIT. Copyright (c) 2020-2023 EryouHao