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assets update assets Feb 16, 2020
components update ui Feb 4, 2020
helpers fix markdown type custom error Dec 16, 2019
interfaces fix coding setting & git setting Feb 9, 2020
server add tetect info Feb 9, 2020
store fix coding setting & git setting Feb 9, 2020
views fix domain setting bug Feb 16, 2020
App.vue update editor to more useful Dec 11, 2019
background.ts fix: remove strict mode because iso...git Feb 8, 2020
main.ts add sentry Jan 20, 2020
router.ts refactor: update ui style Dec 6, 2019
server.ts fix: fix preview server bug Sep 18, 2019
shims-tsx.d.ts update ts types file Apr 17, 2019
shims-vue.d.ts feat: add menu sort Dec 13, 2019
shims.d.ts refactor: remove dayjs Apr 25, 2019
vue-bus.ts update: change tslint to eslint-typescript Apr 23, 2019
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