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NMC LESS Boilerplate


This boilerplate contains base LESS files and site-specific LESS files. The base LESS files exist in the base/ directory and define the default bootstrap appearance; DO NOT edit the base files. The site-specific LESS files exist in the site/ directory; create custom LESS files in the site/ directory to customize the bootstrap for your website design.

The base and site-specific LESS files are controlled with LESS variables. Find the default variables in base/variables.less; DO NOT edit this file. If you need to change a variable, override the base variable with a site-specific variable in site/variables.less.

Getting Started

  1. Copy the contents of this directory into your HiFi template's styles/ directory.
  2. Create site-specific .less files inside the site/ directory.
  3. @import site-specific .less files into all.less.
  4. Compile and minify all.less before site launch.

Upgrading Bootstrap Files

This bootstrap is designed so that you may update the base LESS files without affecting site-specific LESS files.

  1. Replace the base/ directory with the updated base/ directory.

Coding Style

  • Indent with 4 spaces (do not use tabs)
  • Variable, mixin, operator, and function names should:
    • Use lower-case characters
    • Use dashes to separate words