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+As you can see comparing the PHP port to the original JS code,
+the spirit of what I want to do is implement the code in as
+similar a code algorithm as possible for now, until we're more
+sure the algorithm is either solid (bug free) or perhaps we
+decide on a better universal algorithm.
+But the more similar the code algorithm implementations are,
+the easier it will be to maintain the various ports if changes
+must occur.
+In as much as possible, my preference is to use core/built-in
+parts of each language rather than plugins. That lets the most
+people have a chance to use it. If that's not practical in some
+situation, fine, document it. But if possible, that's preferred.
+The test.minify.html file shows 4 different test inputs which
+exercise the algorithm and show the correct outputs. Those same
+tests should pass on the ports, obviously.
+Process would just be to fork this repo and add the files, in
+the style of "minify.json.rb" for ruby, for instance, and then
+send me a pull request.

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