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TODOs #4

getify opened this Issue Feb 4, 2019 · 0 comments


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getify commented Feb 4, 2019

Keeping notes of TODOs for TypVal. This list will be updated as progress occurs.

  • Embedded External Annotations: allow annotating types/signatures for external

    "#extern foo" < int;
    var x = foo;   // x implied as 'int'
    "#extern SomeUtil" < func`(string, number) => bool`;
    var y = SomeUtil("hello","world");   // error on "world" not being 'number', y implied as 'bool'

    Also, we need to define a (huge) set of these external annotations (to be imported via JSON, perhaps?) for all the built-ins and natives, such as encodeURI(..), console.log(..), JSON.stringify(..), etc.

  • Cross-typing: option to collect global types/signatures from non-modules, and exported types/signatures from modules, and "export" them possibly as JSON, and then "import" them for a file as "external annotations". Allows checking multiple files together in a group.

  • Generic types for function params/signatures, by allowing signature overloading

    function foo(x = generic) {
       return x;
    var a = foo(3);   // `a` is type 'number'
    var b = foo("abc");   // no error, since signature is overloaded, `b` is type 'string'
  • Enforce TDZ for var, as well as (separately) TDZ for let / const, as well as (separately) TDZ for function declarations

  • Function typed-shorthand:

    func`(int,string) => bool`;
    // returns a function like:
    // (x,y) => { x = int`${x}`; y = string`${y}`; return bool`false`; }
    function bar(cb = func`int => string`) {
       var x = int`0`;
       x = cb("hello");
       // reports error with "hello" not matching `int` param
       // reports error with `x` being an `int` but trying to assign a `string` to it
    var b = func`int => string`;
  • Custom types (via scope-hoisted pragmas)

    “#define FancyArray”;
    var x = FancyArray`1,2,3`;

    Sub types:

    “#define Automobile” < “#define Car”;
    “#define Automobile” < “#define Truck”;
    var y = Automobile``;
    y = Car``;
    y = Truck``;
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