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# You Don't Know JS Yet: Scope & Closures - 2nd Edition

# Foreword

| NOTE: |
| :--- |
| Work in progress |
If I look over the books on my bookshelf, I can clearly see which of these titles are well-loved. Well-loved in this sense meaning they are a little worn. Their binding is broken, their pages are tattered, there might even be a spilled drink smear or two. What’s ironic to me is that the most-loved of my books often _**look**_ the least cared for, though honestly the opposite is true.

_Scope and Closures_ is one of my most loved books. It’s small, but the binding is coming undone. The pages are worn and dog-eared. It’s a bit rumpled. It’s not a book I’ve read once. I’ve picked it up again and again in the many years since it was originally published.

For me, it’s also been a benchmark for my own personal progression through JavaScript. When I first read it in 2014, I was familiar with the concepts but the depth of my understanding was admittedly not as deep as the thin volume.

Over the years, even though I wasn’t necessarily feeling my own improvement on a day to day basis, each one of the concepts became more approachable. I’d smile to myself, realizing how far I’d come with the help of these guides. It became apparent there was an inverse correlation between how well I treated the book and how much I loved it.

When Kyle asked me to write the forward, I was floored. It’s not often you’re asked to write about a book that’s been so formative for your own understanding and career. _Scope and Closures_ in particular. I remember the day I first understood closures, the first time I used one well. The satisfaction was great, in part because the symmetry of the idea was compelling to me. Before I even picked this book up, I was already enamoured with closures. And yet, there’s a difference between being able to execute code successfully and fully explore the concepts with any depth. This book took my base understanding and drew it out, helped me master it.

This book is deceptively short. It’s helpful that it’s small because it’s dense with useful knowledge. Since it is compact, I’d suggest you give yourself time to absorb each page. Take your time with it. Treat the book with care, and by that I mean, wear it down.

Sarah Drasner<br>
Head of Developer Experience<br>

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